Private cloud – These are virtual servers connected by an isolated virtual network that allow you to configure and upgrade your IT infrastructure. They are part of the infrastructure, and are connected to the local network of your enterprise via VPN technology and in fact are a segment of the local network. This is called – infrastructure in the cloud.

Speaking in simple words, we impoverish your computers and servers located in your server room, on the “ground”, with servers located in the Logris cloud, via a flush-free connection via VPN technology.

What does it give?

First of all it is worth considering that a distributed infrastructure is always better than when all the services, services and data are “all in one place”. Security technologies in the IT sector include the distribution of data and services.

Secondly it is more profitable in terms of financial and material costs. With small financial investments, you get right here and now quite powerful resources in the cloud, and if necessary, you can change these parameters, for example, increase RAM, disk array or add the number of processors, which in the scheme “server in the office” causes both “temporary” difficulties and high financial costs.