Rental service virtual IT infrastructure in the cloud can significantly save on the purchase of equipment, deployment of new systems , the organization of new jobs and providing the company with the necessary IT-resources.

Облачные технологииAt the same time, users get high reliability and security of the use of cloud resources and the ability to take the necessary power for rent on time. The concept of Pay-as-you-Go allows you to quickly get the necessary IT-infrastructure for the company and pay only for the allocated capacity.

By creating jobs in the cloud, the company can significantly save on the purchase of equipment for employees’ jobs using thin clients or remote connection to a terminal server. At the same time, the speed of the software will be significantly higher than when using standard workstations. An important feature is the ability to organize access to your desktop from different devices via the Internet by creating a secure VPN connection or RDP connection. Company employees will be able to access their files and programs while on a business trip or at home.

Solution Benefits:

  • No equipment costs;
  • Monthly payments for capacity utilization;
  • Flexible configuration of workplaces;
  • Quick access to add additional capacity;
  • Savings on equipment for employee jobs;
  • No hardware upgrade costs;
  • Simplified administration and backup process;
  • Customer support and server administration by specialists of our company.