Managing an enterprise in a changing environment constantly requires greater attention from the manager, therefore a wise business decision will be to delegate IT-tasks to professionals from outsourcing companies. Requirements for the availability of IT-infrastructure in at any time of the day they regularly increase, along with this, the standards of qualification of IT-personnel are growing.

Transferring IT systems to outsourcing companies reduces the client’s expenses for maintaining the IT system, and significantly limits the risks that may arise due to the lack of knowledge or resources of the IT team.

We will be happy to share our experience in the implementation, migration and support of systems. We have a qualified team of experts, as well as a wide range of support for IT systems. Logris provides support for operating systems (Windows, UNIX, LINUX), as well as databases (MYSQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, etc.).

We use the software package Zabbix to monitor the status of both individual servers of our clients, and to monitor the entire Logris cloud infrastructure (servers , local network, critical services). Thanks to this, we were able to increase the level of service and ensure the smooth operation of our customers.

The task of monitoring the status of any system is not only the collection of statistics, but also a warning about the occurrence of situations requiring human intervention.

Therefore, we immediately respond to monitoring messages that come to our mail and through the Telegram bot to our account.

Zabbix is an open source software for monitoring computer networks, servers and network equipment. Zabbix can track thousands of metrics collected from servers, virtual machines, or any other network device in real time. This allows a healthy assessment of the condition of the machine and timely detection of problems. Zabbix stores useful data in a database, which allows you to analyze data over time and improve the quality of the services provided or improve the equipment.