VPS (virtual private server) или VDS (virtual dedicated server), virtual dedicated server — a service for leasing the so-called virtual server. In terms of operating system management, for the most part it corresponds to a physical dedicated server.

Virtual dedicated server emulates the operation of a separate physical server. Multiple virtual servers can be run on the same machine. Besides some obvious limitations, each virtual server provides complete and independent control and management, as its regular dedicated server provides. The administrator-owner of the virtual server can install any application, work with files and perform any other tasks that are possible on a separate machine.

VPS benefits

    • Each VPS has its own copy of the system, with root level permissions for Unix or Administrator for Windows , which allows you to compile, install your own software with a modified configuration.
    • Guaranteed minimum resources (memory, processor time). VPS is only available for limited physical server resources, but they can be guaranteed. This leads to a more predictable use of resources and increases the stability of the VPS.
    • The ability to quickly and conveniently archive VPS copies of the entire system.
    • Using powerful hardware allows for very high performance

Cloud Virtual Infrastructure logris.in.ua is based on tools and solutions Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox VE) – virtualization systems with open source, based on the Debian GNU / Linux.

As hypervisors, he uses KVM and LXC . Accordingly, it is able to execute any supported KVM OS (Linux, * BSD , Windows and others), with minimal loss of performance. Management of virtual machines and administration of the server itself is done through the web interface or through the standard Linux command line interface.

When creating a private cloud, it is possible to create a virtual cloud infrastructure on the tools and solutions of VMware. Virtual servers are created in the operating system environment ESXi installed on a dedicated hardware server.

Our virtualization hosts use the latest hardware, such as NVMe standard PCI Express hard drives, which provides faster read / write speeds than in SSDs (approximately 3-5 times). Therefore, our VPS virtual servers are among the fastest.