Asterisk – FreePBX is an open source computer telephony management system (PBX) software distributed under the GNU GPL. Asterisk features include: call queue management, IVR voice menu, Caller ID, answering machine, conference calling, etc., which allows you to solve almost all telephony tasks – from creating office PBXs to building call centers. FreePBX is a graphical web-based user interface for convenient administration of Asterisk and the necessary related services.

Asterisk can work both with analog lines (FXO / FXS modules), and digital (ISDN BRI and PRI – T1 / E1 streams). Using computer boards (the most famous manufacturers of which are Digium, Sangoma, OpenVox, Rhino, AudioCodes) Asterisk can be connected to high-throughput T1 / E1 lines, which allow you to work with dozens and hundreds of telephone lines.

Astersk – a ready-made system for organizing IP telephony , which will fully provide the functions of the usual PBX:

    • Receive incoming calls
    • Call distribution by extension
    • Answering machine and IVR menu
    • Receive faxes
    • Record, listen to calls
    • Creating conferences and more

Asterisk PBX has advanced capabilities, is designed for a large number of subscribers and is easier to maintain. Asterix will easily accept and forward, as well as make an outgoing voice call. Data transfer passes through the VIP – device for transferring data to honey via the Internet and other means of communication (mobile, landline).

We will help you with the deployment and configuration of the Asterisk PBX, as well as adapting it to your telephony needs.