Where to place the site? Which provider to choose?

Sooner or later, this question will arise before you if you pay due attention to the IT development of your business. And in fact, at present, there are a large number of providers in the IT-services market … Companies that provide hosting are called hosting providers or hosters.

Hosting is a paid service, it includes renting space on the server and its capacities. Our task is to make your site accessible to users around the clock. We provide hosting, customization and administration of your Web server in our cloud.

When we enter the website address in the browser, we don’t think about where the text and images come from. The page loads because somewhere a computer is working, in the memory of which files with the text of the site, pictures, videos, scripts are stored. Such a computer is called a server. The server stores files with the contents of the site and downloads them when users visit the site. The larger and more popular the site, the more resources it will need.

We also provide a service for installing, setting up and administering mail servers in the cloud and registering domain names.

If you have corporate mail, then why pay for each mailbox ?! We charge only for the rental and administration of the mail server, for the virtual server in the cloud.