Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience in implementing various IT tasks, we can assess the vulnerability of your IT infrastructure and data:

  • Carry out monitoring of protection of the most valuable resource – data
  • Identify vulnerabilities in hardware, operating systems and applications
  • Protect your devices from malware
  • Provide an assessment of the current situation and recommendations for resolving deficiencies

To organize a private cloud we are building secure VPN networks . Also for our clients we have our own VPN server!

VPN is a virtual private network that provides encryption between the client and the VPN server. There are many situations when a user needs to protect his personal data on the Internet and gain freedom of communication:

  • To transmit sensitive data over the Internet so that no one can intercept it. Most companies use VPN technology to transfer information between branch offices
  • Many services on the Internet work on the principle of geographic location and prohibit users from other countries
  • Blocking certain sites in the office and in the country. Often in offices they block access to social networks so that employees do not spend time working on communication