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Logris has experience in the IT-market. We have learned to understand the local business environment and find the most convenient and right way to communicate with customers. In whatever city the enterprise is located, our experts will answer you in your language without overloading with technical terms and details.

We transform your needs into modern solutions, making the business more convenient and enjoyable!

Glad to meet you!

Having worked for a long time in the field of IT technology, I came to the conclusion that the future is in the clouds. And this became the main focus of my business, infrastructure integration with the cloud .

Unlike many, my profession brings me not only income, but also pleasure! Yes, and I honestly admit it. I have been working in the IT sector since the 90s of the last century and have accumulated enough knowledge and experience to share them with you in the implementation of your ideas. Knowing that many people prefer to store data “at hand”, I am ready and want to convince them of the need to use modern cloud technology.

Alex M. Dudnic